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Pay Only When You Earn.

From Zero to a high paid Software Engineer in 7 months.

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Win like an army

We work as a team because we get paid only when you get paid.


You are the Student and the Teacher

“We have learnt from others. You will learn from us. And someone else will learn from you”

No one size fit all classes

Freely explore the different areas of programming. Find what you’re passionate about. And get after it.

Brocamp in Brief?

Brocamp helps the young Indian generation who had benefited nothing from our country’s poor education system by providing an intensive industry relevant training on the leading software technologies.

The Brocamp program is completely FREE upfront and our students pay zero tuition fee until they land a job. We believe everyone should get the right opportunities to learn, hence we do not charge any fees upfront.

Brocamp is not just another training institute where you go learn something and leave forever. Brocamp is a community of high performance people who support each other and to win together. Each Brocamp grad will always be in touch with our community and help the new buddies as a way of giving back.

Life at Brocamp

Brocamp is built on 3 principles i.e Open Material Education, Self Learning and Peer to peer Learning

The Ignition

Learn all the fundamentals of programming(0-30 days).

The Acceleration

During this period you will dive deep into various aspects of your domain (31-90 days).


And the Race

You will launch as many live projects as possible.

What Domains You Can Choose

Web Development

in Python / Node.js / PHP / .Net / Java / Go / Ruby

Mobile App Development

In Kotlin Android / iOS / Flutter / React - Native

Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Data Science


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Software Testing


Want to join Brocamp?

3 step process to join the Brocamp

Apply Online

Submit your application online and pick an interview date which is convenient for you.


The Interview

Appear for the telephone interview. Give the best and honest answers you can.

Joining Mail

Get the joining mail if you have qualified.


If you failed to qualify the interview, then prepare well, schedule it again and repeat the process until you win.




Who is Brocamp for?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:30 PM

Anyone who wants to learn Computer Programming and build a good career as a Software Engineer 😀.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:31 PM

Do I need any prior knowledge/ experience in computer programming to join Brocamp?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:32 PM

No, you don’t require any prior knowledge/experience in computer programming. 😀.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:32 PM

But you must be ready to learn it. 😀

Faizal Feb 15, 2:33 PM

Do I need a degree to join Brocamp?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:33 PM

No, you don’t need any degree or educational qualifications 😀.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:34 PM

What are the eligibility criteria to join Brocamp?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:34 PM

Applicants should have basic mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.➕➖➗✖

Faizal Feb 15, 2:35 PM

Ability to read and write in English.📖📝

Faizal Feb 15, 2:35 PM

Can I learn a specific domain like cybersecurity, data science, AI/ML etc., at Brocamp?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:36 PM

Yes, you can choose any domain as you wish🙂

Faizal Feb 15, 2:37 PM

We don’t control what you learn

Faizal Feb 15, 2:37 PM

Everything is self-learnt and learnt from peers

Faizal Feb 15, 2:37 PM

What are the admission procedures of Brocamp?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:40 PM

1. Submit an online application on this website. 📧

Faizal Feb 15, 2:41 PM

2.You will get an interview call from Brocamp at the date and time you have picked up

Faizal Feb 15, 2:41 PM

3.If you qualify the interview you will get a joining date and other details via email 📩

Faizal Feb 15, 2:42 PM

4.⁠ ⁠Pay the joining fee and confirm your seat👍

Faizal Feb 15, 2:42 PM

How do I prepare for the Brocamp interview?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:43 PM

Brocamp interview consists of very basic programming questions and few general questions about yourself.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:43 PM

Can I apply again if I failed the interview? 😐

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:44 PM

Yes, you can apply till you get qualified😀.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:45 PM

But be prepared thoroughly before you make each attempt😉.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:45 PM

Is the joining fee refundable?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:46 PM

No, it covers one year throughout support from our dedicated technical team, daily interactive sessions for improving your communication skills while attending fumigation, access to a private tool to build you a proper foundation in coding and 3 chances to appear for fumigation interviews in a year. It's definitely value for money. Enjoy. 👍

Faizal Feb 15, 2:47 PM

Will I have to pay any fee upfront?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:46 PM

You don't have to pay any tuition fees upfront. You only need to pay a joining fee of Rs.15000. 👍

Faizal Feb 15, 2:47 PM

Can I pay the tuition fee upfront?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:49 PM

Yes, You can pay an upfront fee of Rs. 1,51,200+GST as a course fee and you can avoid Income Sharing Method.

Faizal Feb 15, 2:48 PM

You can also pay by different installment schemes after discussing with our finance team

Faizal Feb 15, 2:49 PM

Is there any additional charges? 🧐?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:50 PM

There is a small fee to cover infrastructure facilities. For instance, if you are joining the offline batch, you will have to pay the coworking space rent of between 4000 and 6000 per month. For remote batches, there will also be a remote tool rental fee of about 300 to 400 per month.🙂

Faizal Feb 15, 2:33 PM

What is Income Sharing Method and how does it work 🤔?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:55 PM

Income Sharing Method is a method used for paying Brocamp tuition fee once you get a job

Faizal Feb 15, 2:56 PM

Monthly you will have to pay 20% of your gross salary for 30 months

Faizal Feb 15, 2:56 PM

What happens if I quit the program? Do I still have to pay 🤔?

Shabeer Feb 15, 2:57 PM

Yes, you will have to pay according to the number of weeks you have attended the program. 🤷‍♂

Faizal Feb 15, 2:58 PM

Can I end the contract early 🤨?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:00 PM

Yes, if you would like to end your contract early, you can pay the amount proportionate to the balance and end it. 😊 .

Faizal Feb 15, 3:01 PM

Does Brocamp help me get a job 👷‍♀ ?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:01 PM

We do everything we possibly can! 💪

Faizal Feb 15, 3:02 PM

We have a full team dedicated to career development🥇

Faizal Feb 15, 3:02 PM

They help you prepare a resume and portfolio, practice interviews, and even help you in salary negotiation 💰

Faizal Feb 15, 3:03 PM

At the end of the day though, you're the one who needs to apply, interview, and land the job

Faizal Feb 15, 3:04 PM

Do I have to take the first job I'm offered 🤨 ?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:06 PM

No, we dont control where you work😀.

Faizal Feb 15, 3:07 PM

Since developers tend to get raises fairly quickly, we do recommend not over optimizing your job search and getting a job as fast as possible 👍.

Faizal Feb 15, 3:08 PM

Do I have to work for the same company for 30 months? Can I switch jobs 🤨?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:09 PM

No, its all up to you🤷‍♀.

Faizal Feb 15, 3:10 PM

You can switch jobs whenever you want to🤗

Faizal Feb 15, 3:11 PM

When should I start paying the “Income Sharing Method” fees?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:12 PM

As soon as you start earning💰

Faizal Feb 15, 3:13 PM

If you didn't get any job 6 months after you complete the Brocamp program, the Income Sharing Method automatically expires after 6 such deferred-payment months👍

Faizal Feb 15, 3:14 PM

What are the interest rates for the Income Sharing Method?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:15 PM

Income Sharing Method does not have any interest as such. 🚫

Faizal Feb 15, 3:17 PM

Can I attend the program online?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:18 PM

Yes, 🙂 Yes, There are both online and offline batches for Brocamp

Faizal Feb 15, 3:18 PM

Can I attend the program as part-time?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:19 PM

No, 😕 Brocamp programs are full-time program.

Faizal Feb 15, 3:19 PM

You can’t achieve anything worthwhile in life being a part-timer🤐

Faizal Feb 15, 3:21 PM

Do I need to bring my own laptop 💻 ?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:22 PM

Yes, you should carry a laptop with a minimum requirement of 4 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, 1.6 GHz Processor.

Faizal Feb 15, 3:24 PM

If you don’t have one try to get at least a used one👍

Faizal Feb 15, 3:25 PM

I want to join Brocamp. What should I do 🥺 ?

Shabeer Feb 15, 3:26 PM

Click on the Apply now button, and submit your application.
All the best 😀👍

Faizal Feb 15, 3:27 PM

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